The Palace of the Gods – Part I

A Tale of the Fieries

In my homeland, we associate light with good and dark with evil. Not all races share the same view. We might assume the dwarfs, living in the darkness, eschew the light. But we know little of the deepdown folk, even after millenia of trade.

It is the wandering fieries of the Iki desert who treat darkness as an ally, their sun-scorched sand only passable in the twilight realm between night and day. Their home lies far to the south of the Corn Wall. Like the elfen territory, it marks another impenetrable border to our lands. Iki means abandoned, and the desert is an eerie landscape of shallow trenches and towering limestone columns.

The world was not always as it is now. There was the skyworld and there was the earthworld. The gods built their home where the worlds met. It was a magnificent palace. Its roof was on great pillars which stretched into the sky. Great rolling grass steppes served as the gods’ lawn. And it was surrounded on every side by walls of high mountains.

The gods needed servants to take care of their palace. They created the fierie and gave them intelligence, so they might serve the gods directly. They created the orcs and gave them compassion, so they might care for their flocks and their hunting game. And they created the elfs and gave them patience, that they might tend their gardens and their orchards.

The gods were content for a time, but they grew jealous of the other worlds. These were the lands of the giants, who owned precious jewels. The fiery light giants of the skyworld owned a marvellous red ruby and the stony dark giants of the earthworld possessed a brilliant white diamond. The gods coveted these gems and desired to own them, to decorate their palace.

So the gods created the dwarfs, and made them strong and industrious. The dwarfs climbed down into the earthworld to seize the diamond of the dark giants. But the dark giants spotted the dwarfs and fought them. The battle raged for many days and neither side wearied or gave ground.

The gods grew impatient with the battle. They created the men, and made them tall and clever. The men climbed to the skyworld of the light giants to steal their flaming ruby. The light giants spotted the men, but the men tricked the light giants and returned triumphantly with their precious stone.


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